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Students working on the Design Thinking process within the master program Content Strategy in Graz

14 Jul 2024

The Power of Design Thinking

Design thinking has emerged as a powerful methodology for tackling problems and driving innovation across various industries. This user-centric approach focuses on understanding user needs, ideating creative solutions, and iteratively testing and refining ideas.

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Reflection srep workshop

3 Jul 2024

The SREP Framework: Ethical Reflection in the Digital Age

The SREP (Socio-technical Reflection of Ethical Principles) framework integrates ethical considerations into technology development by focusing on human-technology interactions. Applied through interactive workshops, it encourages participants to reflect on ethical principles such as justice and privacy, identify potential issues, and prioritize ethical risks. This approach prepares future innovators to responsibly address the ethical implications of their technological work.

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Cognitive Bias Headerimage

27 Jun 2024

Design for Cognitive Bias

In "Design for Cognitive Bias," David Dylan Thomas explores the pervasive influence of cognitive biases on decision-making and design practices. The book dives deep into the mechanics of human psychology, shedding light on how biases shape our perceptions, actions, and interactions with digital environments.

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Servicedesign 2

21 Jun 2024

Service design meets content strategy

In a guest lecture by Amy Marie Phillips, a service design expert, we explored integrating service design with content strategy. Through engaging activities and discussions, the session highlighted the comprehensive nature of service design, emphasizing how every customer interaction and touchpoint creates seamless and satisfying user experiences. Additionally, the lecture demonstrated how service design and content strategy can work together to enhance communication, user experience, and overall service quality, using tools like service blueprints and the double diamond model to visualize and optimize the service delivery process.

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Raci Header

11 Jun 2024

Understanding the RACI matrix

The RACI Matrix helps to identify the roles of team members in a particular context such as a project or program. It clearly defines each person's responsibilities to prevent confusion and overlap, which can disrupt the workflow and contribute to overall operational inefficiencies.

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1200x500 contentstrategy at storytelling Ai

21 Mar 2024

AI in Storytelling

The workshop on "AI in Storytelling" began with a thought-provoking premise: our favourite stories reveal a lot about who we are. This idea underscores the belief that people who share similar favourite stories can collaborate effectively, as these narratives offer deep insights into individual personalities and values. This concept set the stage for an engaging session led by Jennifer Fritz from Concept & Stories. The lecture on "Storytelling on AI" provided practical insights, creative strategies, and technological tools and frameworks to demonstrate the narrative potential of artificial intelligence. It showcased how AI can be leveraged to craft compelling stories for diverse audiences, blending traditional storytelling elements with cutting-edge technology to explore new horizons in narrative creation.

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Header How setting boundaries helps

7 Mar 2024

How Setting Boundaries Can Help Brands Build Trust With Their Audience

Setting boundaries in brand communication, as highlighted by Margot Bloomstein, fosters trust with the audience. Using examples like the FBI's Crime Data Explorer and Lovehoney's chatbot, the text illustrates how transparency, clear communication, and acknowledging limitations are essential. By openly conveying what they know and what they don't, brands educate their audience, manage expectations, and ultimately build lasting trust.

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